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A little feedback on my first test with the work provided: 
 I am on the top 9 of all the hashtags used.  
As instructed by Jayson I used a mix of "low", "medium" and "high" hashtags (related to the size and engagement of my account) :)

Happy Customer!
The communication was great, the delivery - really fast.  
I have received the reports which are organized perfectly on the day he told me that they will be in my Email.  
I have to mention that I have done my own hashtag research before I purchased this service, but they found some other goldens which is awesome! What I like the most is the row of the chance to rank in Top9. Saves a lot of time and if I use those hashtags, I rank in Top9 100% of the time.  
I am writing this now because I gave the hashtags some time to see how they will perform. They performed PERFECTLY!   
As a wrap, great people to work with, knows what they are doing and I would definitely give them a chance to choose the best hashtags for my profile. Plus, the price is really low for what you get... Saves a lot of time too!
Satisfied Client!
Professor Winnokur
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